14 July 2009

Australia once again top travel destination

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A new travel poll has found Australia is the top vacation destination for Americans, if cost was not a consideration.

Australia top travel destination

Travelling to Australia is tops, according to a new survey that put Australia as the top travel destination for Americans

The Harris Poll of Americans found that travelling to Australia had the appeal of escape, particularly as the economic crisis has summer vacations becoming “staycations” this year.

The fantasy of traveling far and wide, assuming money is not a consideration, is even a more appealing dream to Americans than it was last year and this could be why a trip across the globe for Americans is back up to the top spot of most popular destinations.

Travelling to Australia was not quite as appealing last year, when Australia dropped out of the top spot.  Last year was the only year, since 1997, Australia was not in the number one position.

Italy, which was number one last year, has dropped back down to the number two. The next most popular countries for Americans are Great Britain at number three, France at number four, and Ireland at number five.

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