14 May 2009

Australian working visa holders caught breaching visa conditions

Ten Australian working visa holders were caught breaching the conditions of their Australian visa in Bundaberg on Australia's Queensland coast.

According to ABC News, it has not been identified yet which Australian working visa type the people were using to get a foot in the door at the place of employment, or whether the employer had been aware that it was hiring illegal workers. 

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) delivers strong penalties for employers who knowingly employ overseas workers who do not hold a current or valid Australian working visa

The ten people were caught after a two-day investigation involving the police, Centrelink and DIAC. 

The Department has warned employers to ensure all workers in their company are legally allowed to be there, and to use the systems put in place by the government so check the work status of every employee.

"We strongly encourage them to take advantage of those systems, including the visa entitlement verification online service that we provide free of charge," said a spokesperson from DIAC.

The news comes just months after a racket involving meatworks in Queensland, Victoria and NSW was uncovered.  Around 84 Chinese workers were discovered to be working illegally on invalid Australian working visas. 

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