14 March 2011

Prince William to promote Australian tourism during visit this week

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Prince William has pledged to try to boost business and tourism in parts of Australia affected by recent flooding and cyclones during his visit this week.

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Prince William will travel to Australia this week to tour areas affected by the floods and hopefully increase tourism to Australia.

The Prince is undertaking a five-day tour on behalf of the Queen to areas devastated by natural disasters in both New Zealand and Australia.

Prince William will first visit Christchurch in New Zealand, where an earthquake last month killed more than 150 people. He will then travel to flood affected areas in Queensland and Victoria, where he hopes to help “kickstart business and tourism” which have suffered following the natural disasters.

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A royal aide said: “In New Zealand, where the tragedy is still so recent, Prince William is there to comfort. But in Australia, though the devastation is still very real, he is keen to ensure that his visit shows the areas affected can still accept business and tourists.

“Prince William wants to help get the economy back up and running fully again and while part of his message in both countries is hope, in Australia he particularly wants to help get the message out that it’s open for business to the wider world. In Queensland, therefore, he won’t be spending all his time with victims and visiting damaged property - he will also bring a spotlight to businesses and commerce in the region.”

Prince William will travel without his fiancée Kate Middleton. Prince William and Miss Middleton will make their first official overseas trip as a married couple to Canada this summer.

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