14 February 2006

Minister Defends Australian Visas

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The Australian Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, Amanda Vanstone has come out in defence of a drilling company in South Australia. Claims that overseas workers on temporary Australian visas are being exploited have been made by local labour unions.

Minister Vanstone has blamed Australia's skill shortage on the need to bring in foreign workers. Haliburton Australia is the employer in question, having hired the four Indonesians and sponsored their Australian visas.

Reports have suggested the workers were being exploited and under-paid. The Minister has come out saying these reports are 'grossly inaccurate.' She went on to say that repeated reports by unions and other 'anonymous' sources claiming overseas workers are taking jobs for local Australians are unsubstantiated.

Australia's need for skilled migrants remains integral to keeping the nation at the fore font of the global economy,' said the Minister. 'By embracing skilled migrants' Australian industry is taking advantage of opportunities to expand and flourish, thereby creating more jobs for everyone.'

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