14 January 2009

Overseas Accountants may have trouble finding work, reports ABC News

ABC Radio has reported on a new study that finds migrant accountants seeking work in Australia may have a harder time finding employment than is usually thought. Barriers to employment in Australia, most notably English ability, mean that only about 20% of foreign accountants actually find accounting work in Australia after migrating.

The study found that the relative shortage of accountants in Australia has lead to an increase in the number of permanent residence applications being granted to accounts under the Australian General Skilled Migration system.  However, the study indicates that migrants seeking accounting work in Australia frequently do not have the qualities that employers are looking for, even if they are fully qualified.

The main barrier to employment in the account field, the study found, was English language ability.  Many qualified foreign accountants found it difficult to access employment because of a lack of English language skill.

The study comes amidst changes to the state of Victoria’s list of occupations eligible for sponsorship, which saw accountants, among others, removed in favour of professions such as social workers and some IT professionals.

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Article by Editorial Staff, Australian Visa Bureau.

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