13 August 2007

Canberra construction boom creates demand for Australian immigration

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Canberra is experiencing a record-breaking construction boom which has seen annual building activity worth more than AU$1 billion (£417 million) in recent years, reports the Canberra Times.

The severe shortage of qualified and experienced tradespeople puts skilled Britons applying for an Australian visa in a very good position.

Local unemployment in the Australian capital is the lowest in the country, which means construction companies must try to attract skilled labour from other states and skilled migrants. Hundreds of tradespeople have come from New South Wales and Victoria in recent years to work on construction projects.

The Australian government and the Master Builders Association of the ACT are developing various projects to increase the number of skilled tradespeople, including a big centre to train apprentices. But the construction boom needs skilled workers now, and many trades appear on the Migration Occupations in Demand List (Australian MODL), which entitles people applying for Australian immigration to extra points.

The construction industry in Australia is worth AU$60 billion (£25 billion) per year, according to the Australian Institute for Trade Skills Excellence. The industry employs nearly 1 million people around Australia and consists of 209,400 business entities comprising 300 large, 2100 medium and 207,000 small businesses.

Australia needs skilled tradespeople: anyone interested in Australian immigration should complete the Australian Visa Bureau's online Australia visa application to see whether they meet the Australian visa requirements.

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