13 March 2009

Australian migration expos see massive interest from Brits

The Opportunities Australia and Opportunities New Zealand have revelled in a massive pre-event ticket sale, and organisers are thanking the poor state of the British economy.

According to PR Newswire, ticket sales to the expos have climbed by 25 per cent this year, and the managing director Spencer Hawkes believes they have seen the light at the end of the tunnel, leading straight Down Under.

The Opportunities Expos make the job of emigrating to Australia a whole lot easier for Brits, providing them with face-to-face contact with employment recruiters, shipping companies, finance transfer representatives, and government officials.

The expos also have representatives from large-scale companies, so that they may be able to meet skilled workers and nominate them for an Australian visa.  Employer sponsorship is the fastest route to skilled migration to Australia, and allows Australian employers to fill their vacant positions much faster and with a more targeted approach to recruiting much-needed skills. 

Australia and New Zealand have always been a favourite destination for British migrants, who make up some of the largest groups of migrants in both countries.  According to many sources, Brits choose Down Under because of the lifestyle change – both countries revel in better climates than the UK, competitive salaries, refreshing outdoor living, more stable economies, cheaper costs of living and affordable housing. 

Two British migrants tell reporters of their recent move from England to a farm on the west coast of New Zealand, after attending the Opportunities Expos in the UK: "We have a wonderful lifestyle.  We wake up every morning to the calls of tuis and wood pigeons.  It's a stunning place, and I just can't get over how lucky we are."

Richard Powell, who travelled on an Australian working holiday visa and applied for a skilled visa once in the country, said he loved the outdoor lifestyle that epitomises Australia.    

"I moved to Australia for the outdoor life.  The climate was desirable as was beach lifestyle.  I can play all the sports I like out here."

The Australian Visa Bureau is an independent consulting company specialising in helping people with emigrating to Australia.

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