13 March 2009

Australia and NZ cheaper cost of living: research

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Foreign currency broker, Foreign Currency Direct (FCD) has released research showing that Australia and New Zealand have a cheaper cost of living than the UK.

At a time when Down Under is proving to be the more stable economy during the global crisis, Brits are looking at emigrating to Australia and New Zealand to enjoy a much more comfortable lifestyle.

According to Opportunities Australia and Opportunities New Zealand Expo organisers, their pre-exhibition sales have risen by 25 per cent this year, proving that the UK is candidly showing greater interest in migrating.

According to Easier.com, the research from FCD shows that Australia and New Zealand provide cheaper costs of living than other popular countries for migrating Brits, including those in Europe.

The research, which compared the cost of essential and non-essential purchases common to a British person living overseas, concluded that New Zealand is the cheapest of Briton's top ten choices, with a 33 per cent lower cost of living than the UK, while Australia showed a 22 per cent lower cost of living than the UK.

For example, the research revealed that while a Ford Focus would cost £12,866 in the UK, its equivalent in Australia would cost £9,338 and £9,401 in New Zealand.

Again, while a medium Starbucks cappuccino costs the equivalent of £1.38 in New Zealand and £1.10 in Australia, the UK Starbucks charge £2.12.

Luckily for British migrants, the Australian migration programme is remaining at its record quota until the government releases it 2009-10 financial budget.

Peter S. Ellis, chief executive of FCD said New Zealand and Australia have emerged from the financial crisis as the safest bets.

"Relative to the Euro, exchange rates between the Pound and the New Zealand and Australian Dollar have remained surprisingly stable over the last six months.  Coupled with an overall lower cost of living, and the promise of sun, sea and scenery, Australia and New Zealand are becoming increasingly attractive destinations for British expats."

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