13 January 2009

Victoria Announces Changes to Sponsorship Occupations

The Australian state of Victoria has announced sweeping changes to the list of occupations that it deems eligible for state sponsorship under the class 176 visa for emigration to Australia.

Migrants to Australia who seek permanent residence have the option of applying for a subclass 176 visa, if they are unable to pass the immigration points test for independent migration.  A 176 visa allows a migrant to be sponsored either by an eligible family member, or the government of an Australian state or territory.

In the case of state or territory sponsorship, governments can sponsor the residence application of a migrant, in exchange for a commitment to live in the state for at least the first two years after migrating to Australia.  Each state has a list of occupations in demand that it deems eligible for sponsorship.

Victoria has been an active participant in the 176 visa scheme.  The changes, effective from January 12, 2009, reflect the changing labour market in Australia’s second-most populous state.

Gone from the list are traditional occupations in demand such as teachers, accountants, and an assortment of trades.  Additions to Victoria’s shortage occupation list include a host of engineering jobs, geologists, dental technicians, and social workers.

These occupations have been added to the Victoria list of occupations eligible for 176 sponsorship:

These occupations have been removed from the Victoria list of occupations eligible for 176 sponsorship:

It is unknown at this time what changes, if any, may be made by other Australian states.

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Article by Editorial Staff, Australian Visa Bureau.

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