12 August 2008

More Australian immigration needed for Tasmania

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More people are opting to move to Tasmania, many of whom have an Australian visa, which is driving up the population. Mercury has reported experts’ estimates that the state’s resident numbers should be capped at 500,000, which it is expected to reach by the end of this year.

Tom Nilsson, branch president, told the news provider: "The State Government should set an aim of stabilising the population and adopt a cap of half a million." David Bartlett, the premier, said the population, productivity and the number of people looking for work all need to increase before the economy can become self-sustaining.

Will Hodgman, the Liberal leader, said more efforts should be made to attract Australian immigration to the area in addition to a population target being set. The population of Melbourne is booming with 62,000 people having opted to move to the city in the 2006-07 period, some of whom are Australian visa holders.

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