12 June 2008

Victorian official given award for work in immigration

A Victorian immigration official has been awarded for his services to the migrant community. John Williams has been given a Public Service Medal for his work in helping Australian visa holders to integrate into society and other immigration groups, reports the Bayside Leader.

Mr Williams, the state Director of the Victorian Office of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, told the newspaper: "I've always been mindful and struck by the very personal nature of immigration and how it can affect people." He has been involved with helping migrant groups in Australia and was given the award as part of the Queen's birthday celebrations.

Williams added that people have to be careful to remain connected to the immigration process and be aware of the hopes and aspirations of people.

Mary Frances Durkin, another immigration official, was honoured in the Public Service Awards for her work in developing the ombudsman function in the Immigration Department.

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