11 October 2007

State of Victoria will be short 50,000 professionals within 15 years

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The Australian state of Victoria is forecasting a professional skills shortage of nearly 50,000 within the next 15 years, according to the latest research. A Monash University study has found that the gap between the number of university-qualified workers and industry requirements will reach 49,000 by 2022. The numbers include Australian graduates as well as foreign professionals with Australian visas.

Chief researcher Chandra Shah, of Monash University's Centre for the Economics of Education and Training, told the Age newspaper that industry stakeholders have confirmed there is already a critical shortfall in health professions and sciences. Shah called for "national leadership" on the issue.

The study also highlighted the changing nature of the labour market in Victoria. Currently only 59 per cent of jobs need higher education but this will rise to 78 per cent within 15 years. Engineering, sciences (particularly environmental sciences) and health are the sectors where the demand is greatest.

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