11 September 2009

Those who emigrate to Australia given strong support: university report

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A new report by Monash University shows that Australians do not consider the country of a migrants birth an important factor on wheather you are considered "Australian" or not.

Emigrate to Australia

A new report has show Australians regard multiculturalism as a positive thing for Australia, and those who emigrate to Australia are judged only on their behavior not country of origin.

Instead, those who emigrate to Australia are considered Australian by behaviour.

Parliamentary Secretary for Multicultural Affairs and Settlement Services, Laurie Ferguson, said the Monash University report, Perceptions of Multiculturalism and Security in Victoria, will be used in the development of new cultural diversity policies.

"In this context, the Victorian research on community attitudes is most welcome.

"The research shows that Australians define ‘Australianness’ by behaviour rather than through ethnic origins. ‘Australian’ behavior is defined as obeying the law, respecting others, integrating within communities and developing a working knowledge of English," he said.  

The Monash report findings show the vast majority of participants believe those who emigrate to Australia and overall multiculturalism enhances Australia economically, socially and culturally.

The participants also are optimistic about Australia's ongoing potential for maintaining and strengthening social harmony, said Mr Ferguson.

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