11 June 2009

New appointments for protecting emigrating to Australia

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The Minister for Immigration and Citizenship Chris Evans has announced new patrons of people emigrating to Australia, by appointing new members to the Migration and Refugee Review Tribunals.

The Tribunals are organisations designed to act on behalf of people emigrating to Australia, if they feel their Australian visa application has been wrongly denied.  The Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) reviews Australian visa application decisions for people emigrating to Australia as well as those temporarily entering Australia. 

While the majority of those already appointed to the Tribunals were reappointed, 12 new members have been instated by the Minister.

"I endorsed the selection panel's recommendations based on the applicants' demonstrated strong sense of fairness and understanding of the principles of administrative law and their ability to apply these skills in determining review applications," Senator Evans said.

"I look forward to their contribution to the tribunals and their commitment to the effective delivery of review decisions," Senator Evans said.

In related news, the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) has less than just two weeks before the Australian immigration department take full responsibility for its function.  Currently, the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) are overseeing its responsibilities, which includes protecting people emigrating to Australia from malpractice and misleading advice in the migration industry.

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