11 May 2009

Indians favour emigrating to Australia on Australian student visa

According to an expert, while emigrating to Australia has had its reigns pulled in, the Australian student visa program is growing exponentially in popularity for Indians.

A former education officer for the Australian High Commission in New Delhi, Gulshan Kumar, has said that Australia has not been hit as hard by the economic recession, which is proven by the large numbers of people emigrating to Australia, particularly through the Australian student visa program.

Kumar predicts that the numbers of Indian students in Australia will continue to climb, not just because of the unmatched lifestyle Australia has to offer, but because of its reputation as having a world-class educational system.  The employment and up-skilling opportunities available have made it a top choice for people considering emigrating to Australia.

He added that while the large network of Indians already living in the country could be responsible for the increasing numbers of Indians emigrating to Australia, its reputation also seems to be a large pulling factor.

"The word of mouth is so strong for Australia, that it has become one of the most favourable destinations for students," he said in an interview with Merinews.

"There are no Oxfords and Harvards in Australia, but there are eight universities out of a total of 41 which can be compared with any world class universities, and all of them are considered to be in the top 100 universities in the world."

Kumar also warned that the Australian government would be looking into the high numbers of people using the educational system as an easy route to a permanent Australia visa.  According to him, education agents promote hospitality courses in Australia to international students, who complete the easier courses and use their qualifications to obtain their permanent residency.

"The Australian government is very concerned about this, and a recent change in the policy, that of bringing a Critical Skills List category, was one move by the government in this direction. There could be more changes in the near future to counter this move."

Australia is the first country to introduce legislative protection rights for international students and to clarify the legal obligations of education providers to international students.

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