10 September 2009

Australian tourist numbers high despite global downturn

Australian tourist numbers and their spending have held up against the global financial crisis and swine flu, according to Tourism Research Australia.

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Tourism Research Australia recently released the International Visitors in Australia June quarter report showing a one per cent fall compared the same quarter in 2008. But the total spending of $16.8 billion by Australian tourists was up five per cent compared to the June quarter 2008. Tourists to Australia have also been staying longer with the number of visitor nights rising eight per cent.

Australian Tourism Minister Martin Ferguson said the Australia tourism industry was out-performing many other countries and showing resilience in a very tough global situation.

The Minister said global tourism was expected to fall this year for the first time since World War II.

Almost half of internationals were visiting Australia for a holiday, with another quarter visiting relatives and 16 per cent coming for business reasons.

New Zealanders were the largest international group visiting Australia, with just under one million New Zealanders visiting over the period, followed by the United Kingdom and Japan.

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