10 June 2008

Immigration advice goes west

The Australian Immigration and Citizenship Department are running a two-day seminar for residents in Western Australia, starting today.

Ravensthorpe, Hopetoun and Esperance will host the seminars in the southern coastal region of Western Australia.  The Government is following the lead of a recent successful seminar in Kalgoolie, which focused on providing information and advice for foreign workers and local employers.

The Government aims to educate local industries and businesses about the range of visa programmes available to skilled, semi-skilled, unskilled, and seasonal international workers that may be looking to work in Western Australia.  

A spokesman for the Department said, “This is a unique partnership of governments and industry that has identified information needs for employers in the region and their overseas staff.” 

“We are delighted to have this opportunity to provide information on the range of visa options available to businesses and their employees,” the spokesman added.

The Government is also providing advice on Australian migration for families and the processes for attaining citizenship.

Australia needs skilled workers: anyone interested in migrating to Australia should complete an online assessment to see if they qualify for skilled migration to Australia.


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