10 March 2011

New Australian tourism figures reveals Chinese visitors as biggest spenders

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Big-spending Chinese tourists are now Australia’s most valuable tourism market, surpassing the United Kingdom.

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Chinese visitors to Australia have emerged as the most valuable tourism market.

Tourism Research Australia's latest international visitor survey reported a five per cent boost in international visitors last year, and a four per cent boost in their spending.

Visitors from China spent $3.1 billion in the year to December 2010, followed by the United Kingdom $2.9 billion and New Zealand $2 billion.
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Spending an average of 56 nights in Australia, many Chinese are coming for short educational courses or to visit family and friends.

Educational tourists spend the highest amount per day at $107, the second only to business visitors.

In Queensland, the government yesterday announced a rebranding campaign titled "Nothing beats Queensland" in a bid to boost internal tourists following the floods and cyclone disasters.

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh said the best way to help the state was to "come and lie on our beaches or take a walk on one of our rainforests".

"There's no doubt that some of the emotion behind this campaign is calling on people ro remember that we still need help," she said.

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