10 February 2010

More than 4000 migrants emigrate to Australia each week: government report

An Australian government report has shown that Australia welcomed more than 4000 migrants each week in the year 2008/2009.

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Most of those permanent migrants to Australia in 2008/09 reported their occupation as professional.

The country welcomed 224,000 people, a nine per cent increase on the previous year, according to the Australian Immigration report by the Federal Government.
The majority of migrants, just over 67,000 (29.8 per cent) chose to settle in New South Wales, followed by the state of  Victoria with 55,000 (25 per cent) where the vast majority settled in the capital Melbourne.

Nationally, New Zealand was the top source country for migrants (16.2 per cent), followed by the United Kingdom (13.6 per cent).

The major groups of migrant arrivals who reported an occupation prior to arrival were professionals (37.3 per cent), tradespersons (12.2 per cent) and associate professionals (12 per cent).

The number of permanent departures from Australia in 2008-09 was 81,000, up 5.3 per cent on the previous year.

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