09 October 2009

Advisory firm report shows how business can benefit from those who emigrate to Australia

Accountancy and business advisory firm PKF's latest report has recommended that small- to medium-sized businesses should take advantage of the increase in those emigrating to Australia.

Emigrating to Australia

A new report discusses how small- to medium-sized business can benefit from the opportunities created through workers emigrating to Australia.

The latest Business and Population Monitor by PKF found that the Australian growth rate has been 1.9 per cent for the year to date, with 253,000 new immigrants.

In the report PKF explains that the Australian population "mini-boom", thanks to those emigrating to Australia and an increased birth rate, has created a strong economy as more people means more customers.

Mathew Field, PKF’s director of enterprise advisers, suggested that small- to medium-sized business should target regions where populations have increased the most.

"What [small- to medium-sized businesses] need to do is recognise that popular growth impacts on their business. They need a smart business operation that will take advantage of the enormous opportunities to them and make smart decisions."

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