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09 August 2007

Perth provides Australia visa opportunities

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The city of Perth on Australia's west coast is a boom town, creating an exciting opportunity for skilled migrants wanting to live and work in Australia.

Perth is expecting a 25 per cent population increase in the next ten years and combined with the ongoing mining boom and the beautiful coastal location, it is a land of opportunity for Britons interested in Australian immigration.

Western Australia is becoming the leading provider of natural resources such as liquid gas and iron ore to China and Perth is benefiting from the continuing worldwide product demand.

Perth had the fastest population growth in Australia in 2006, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The result is a buoyant job market with skill shortages in many areas.

Tom Blackett, spokesperson for the Australian Visa Bureau commented: "Perth is one of Australia’s major cities but the situation at the moment sees the city desperate for skilled work. High profile construction projects like the new AU$93 million (£39 million) Perth Police Centre have been forced on hold due to the lack of skilled workers. It's not just tradespeople that are in demand. Teachers are also greatly sought after by Australia’s fastest growing city and this makes the situation ideal for any Brits hoping to gain Australian citizenship via an Australian skilled visa."

Other factors reflecting Perth’s newfound status as a hotbed for potential migrants is the emerging property market. Sources reveal that house values rose 87 per cent in the three years to March 2007, according to ABC. The city is rapidly becoming the country’s most successful all-round city ahead of Sydney and is an exciting opportunity for the long-term property investor, according to overseas investment property company Principal International.

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