09 July 2008

Canberra project to put Australian immigration details online

A new project in Canberra will mean most Australian immigration records will be put online in the next few years. The project, which has been launched at the national archives today, will mean the details of the seven million people who have engaged in Australian immigration will be available on the internet.

Ross Gibbs, the director general of the archives, told ABC News the project, called Making Australia Home, will cater to the many enquiries they get each year from families. "People want to know where did we come from, who am I and the inquiries just keep growing," he added.

Mr Gibbs said people want to know whether they have family who were Australian visa holders for many reasons. "People have official reasons to identify who they are, particularly if they want to go back to country, but mostly it's personal stories."

Senator John Faulkener, the Cabinet Secretary, told the Sydney Morning Herald: "They [the records] are of immense historical and personal significance."

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