09 June 2009

Australia Needs Skills Expo to help Britons immigrate to Australia

British skilled workers wanting to immigrate to Australia have the chance to meet Australian employers who have skill shortages at a London expo.

A large range of private, state and territory organisations seeking to recruit skilled workers willing to immigrate to Australia will be at the Australia Needs Skills Expo, although the full list of recruiting exhibitors has not yet been fully confirmed.

To attend the expo British skilled workers should be less than 45 years of age, with good English language skills and have qualifications or work experience for an occupation on the Critical Skills List.

In order to work in Australia, British skilled workers must obtain a skilled migrant visa.  If you are interested in emigrating to Australia, try the free online assessment to see if you are eligible.

Even if your occupation is not listed and you are not invited to the expo there are other Australian visas for UK residents to work, live, or visit Australia.

One option is the Working Holiday visa, which is designed for young people from the age of 18-30 wanting to live and work in Australia for a year. Other options for tourists or short-term business travellers are the Australian Tourist Visa Short Stay or Business Visa  Short Stay ETA allows entry to Australia for up to three months and is typically processed instantly.

Attendance at the expo is by invitation only, and the final list of invitees will be determined according to occupations in high demand across Australia and the occupations needed by participating exhibitors.

If you have the skills, experience and qualifications needed by the participating exhibitors you may be invited to attend.  If there are no exhibitors attending the expo who are looking for your skills, you will not be invited.

Information on the expo venue and attendance times will be provided to invitees only.

You can register your interest to attend the expo through the Skilled Worker Registration System.

The Australian Visa Bureau is an independent consulting company specialising in helping people with emigrating to Australia.

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