09 June 2008

Australian citizenship test has 'irrelevant' information

Some aspects of the Australian citizenship test may be changed after it was deemed too difficult by former diplomat Richard Wolcott.

Wolcott said a review committee had found the test for potential Australian visa holders and its information booklet to be unnecessarily hard, reports the Age.

A review was launched earlier this year, with a committee of seven people gathering to discuss alterations to the test. The test, which was first introduced into the Australian immigration system last October, was criticised for including irrelevant questions such as those about Don Bradman and Walter Lindrum.

Mr Wolcott said: "There are very successful migrants I've discussed this with …who have already made a very significant contribution to Australia, but would have no idea who Sir Hubert Opperman or Bradman or Lindrum was." The committee is also set to look at the 60 per cent of people who pass the main test but fail on the three mandatory rights and responsibility questions.

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