09 May 2012

Australia visa in jeopardy for rowdy Irish Down Under

Police in Perth have written to Gaelic football clubs in the city to warn Irish migrants that they risk having their Australia visa revoked if reports of anti-social behaviour continue.

Australia visa

Young Irish migrants in Perth have been warned that anti-social behaviour puts their Australia visa at risk.

Reports of young Irish people taking to the streets at night and causing trouble have led to action from the police, who have contacted Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) clubs in the area to warn young migrants that they risk losing their Australia visa and even being deported.

In an email to clubs, the police said they and residents were "extremely unhappy and appalled by the anti-social behaviour which is taking place all too often on the streets and in the pubs across Perth and its suburbs."

Western Australian Police said they wanted to "get the message across to all Irish in Perth that what has been going on is just not acceptable, and if it continues there will be consequences."

"If individuals don't abide by the law, and take heed of move on notices," said the email, "their visas will firstly be investigation, before court action, meaning that deportation would be the final conclusion."

One police inspector defended the Irish migrants' contribution to the increasing occurrences of anti social behaviour, saying the Irish "were only one nationality in a number associated with the backpacker scene where further targeted activities are planned to increase awareness of local liquor licensing and criminal laws".

Britain has already gained a reputation for binge drinking and poor behaviour while abroad and some are concerned that this reputation is to spread to Australia, speaking to the West Australian, Inspector Paul Steel said young travellers had difficulty appreciating different alcohol enforcement policies abroad.

"It is clear that there are some significant differences in the policing of licensed premises in Australia to those in Ireland," said Inspector Steel.

"In particular, the liquor infringement and move on notices are not widely understood, and the purpose of the community level engagement was to target education at an area where this crime prevention advice was deemed appropriate."

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