08 December 2009

New TV programme to promote Australian travel

A new Australian TV series, which goes to air this weekend, will promote Australian travel and holiday destinations in the country.

The TV programme, No Leave, No Life, has been produced in conjunction with Tourism Australia to encourage people to use their accrued leave and take a holiday and also has the potential to encourage international visitors to the country, particularly if the programme gets picked up by an overseas television station.

All international visitors to Australia, unless they have an Australian or New Zealand passport, must have an Australian Travel Visa.

The most popular of these visas is the ETA Visa, which is quick to apply for online and can be approved almost instantly. Once granted, the ETA Visa is electronically attached to your passport and will allow you to pass through Australian Immigration.

The No Leave, No Life TV show is a seven week TV series, which will air on Seven Network at 6.30pm on Saturdays until the middle of January 2010.

The programme comes at a time when the Australian summer holiday season is fast approaching,  and the Minister for Tourism Martin Ferguson AM MP urged Australian employers and employees to better manage annual leave entitlements and take an Australian holiday.

“Accrued leave in Australia is worth $33 billion in wages and if even a small proportion of this is converted into domestic holidays, then the economic benefit to the Australian tourism sector and the wider economy, will be very significant,” he said.

The Australian Visa Bureau is an independent consulting company specialising in helping people lodge their Australian Visa applications with the Australian Embassy.  

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