08 October 2009

Adelaide seeks to retain skilled workers who emigrate to Australia

A study has found that overseas workers who emigrate to Australia first arriving in Adelaide are later relocating to other larger Australian cities.

Emigrate to Australia

South Australia has a unique program for workers who emigrate to Australia, but has been losing these valuble migrants to the bigger cities of Melbourne and Sydney.

Business leaders warn that skilled workers who emigrate to Australia must be retained by South Australia, or the state will not grow to forecasted labour demands.

Business advisory firm PKF and Access Economics released their study yesterday, which show of the 18,500 people who moved to South Australia in 2008, 16,000 were from overseas.

However, many of those who emigrate to Australia later move to the bigger cities of Melbourne and Sydney, a situation that business leaders are focusing on changing.

South Australia also has many services for new migrants which are unique.

Immigration South Australia has a program called On Arrival Services to help migrants settle into the state including: an airport pickup and early settlement advice; on arrival accommodation available for a maximum rental period of 12 weeks; facilitation of visits to South Australia for groups of potential business migrants to explore business opportunities; networking and referral service; a skills recognition services; business relocation service; as well as a  comprehensive program which assists new migrants to make the transition into employment.

PKF's national chairman of enterprise advisers Chris Allen said overseas migration made a big contribution to the economy, stimulating jobs and income.

"Because Australia's relatively highly skilled migrants earn relatively high incomes, these people go on to spend their income, and in spending, they create demand for more workers," he said.

South Australia relies strongly on attracting skilled overseas workers, with seven out of eight people who move to the state being international arrivals.

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