08 September 2011

Australian immigration officials termed 'turkeys' by Greens leader

Senator Bob Brown, the leader of the Australian greens, has described several senior Australian immigration officials as 'turkeys' and called for their resignation over their position regarding the onshore processing of asylum seekers.

Australian immigration

Senator Bob Brown has termed several senior Australian immigration officials as 'turkeys' and called for their resignation.

Senator Brown has criticised several senior members of the Australian immigration department due to them allegedly advising the government that onshore processing of asylum seekers could lead to social unrest in Australia.

It has been alleged that a number of senior Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) officials stated that Australian detention centres would quickly flood with people and asylum seekers would need to be placed in the community, should offshore processing be discarded.

As a result, the officials claimed that Australia could experience social upheaval, with the recent problems experienced in London and Paris cited as examples of what could be experienced on Australian soil.

In his statement, Senator Brown spoke on the situation, saying: “As far as the bureaucrats, these turkeys, out of the bureaucracy in Canberra who are prognosticating somehow or other about Australia becoming Paris or London burning – they should be out on their ears.”

Senator Brown went on to state his belief that all asylum seekers should be processed in Australia and that the viewpoint of the officials of the immigration department is "alien to the thinking of the majority of decent Australians". 

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