08 September 2010

Spotlight on Australian immigration minister as cabinet reshuffle anticipated

As senior-level Ministries are assigned and the Australian government's cabinet is formed, Australian visa applicants will be keeping a close eye on who will be sworn in as Immigration Minister.

Following a meeting with Australia’s Governor-General Quentin Bryce late yesterday during which newly elected Prime Minister Julia Gillard was able to confirm that she has the numbers needed to form a minority government, it is widely expected that one of Gillard’s first priorities will be the formation of a new cabinet.

Those interested in applying for an Australian visa will be paying particular attention to the Ministry for Immigration. Previous Immigration Minister Chris Evans, Minister of the department since December 2007, has previously been rumoured to step down from his post although he has not confirmed this officially. It is also possible he could be moved to a different department, leaving his current position available for somebody new to take over.

Gillard is expected to reveal her choice of cabinet early next week, after which Ministers will be sworn in and can start work in their positions. Many of those keen to pursue an Australian visa will be anxiously awaiting news of State Migration Plans, which will include state-level lists of occupations each state and territory in Australia will offer to sponsor as part of an Australian visa application. Such plans cannot be implemented without authorisation from the Immigration Minister, whoever that is shortly revealed to be.

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