08 June 2009

South Australia raids British skilled workers

South Australia is set to raid British talent with a new campaign to draw emigrants to the Mediterranean-like climate, sunshine, affordable living and better quality of life in the “next boom state”.

British trend analyst Ray Hammond, who was commissioned to compile a report for the South Australian Government, told The Daily Mail that he believed the city would hit an economic boom over the next decade.

The report sums up the attractions of South Australia in order to encourage businesses to invest in the growing economy. It follows the Australian Bureau of Statistics data that shows Adelaide as Australia’s best-performing city in the last quarter.

“If I could, I would buy shares in Adelaide tomorrow,” Ray Hammond said.

Bill Muirhead, South Australia's London-based Agent-General, said: 'This is not just another cynical assault on the Britain that continues to lose business investment to this healthy and growing state economy.

'South Australia's economy outgrew Australia's, and Adelaide was the only state recording growth in the March quarter.

Mr Muirhead said South Australia was also the nation's food and wine capital, producing half of Australia’s wine and are home to brands such as Penfolds, Wolf Blass and Jacob's Creek.

South Australia’s captial, Adelaide, came in the top ten of The Economist’s World’s Most Livable Cities index last year.
Australia already attracts many Britons, 23,236 emigrated in 2007-08, including 2,451 who went to Adelaide.

Though the jobs market has shrunk because of the global economic crisis, Australia still has a critical skills list. Migrants can apply for a South Australia sponsored skilled visa (176) if they are one of the needed occupations like: fitter, metal machinist, welder, or child care co-ordinator.  

Also planning a move to Adelaide is English footballer Lloyd Owusu, who ended the season on loan with Brighton from Cheltenham and has signed a two-year contract with Adelaide United.

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