08 March 2011

New South Wales releases State Migration Plan

The NSW Government has announced that the NSW State Migration Plan has been approved and is in effect from 3 March 2011.

Australia Immigration

New South Wales has released its State Migration Plan and the occupations it will consider for sponsorship.

As a result of the State Migration Plan a number of occupations have been added to the state list.

For the Skilled - Sponsored (a permanent visa), the following occupations have been added:

Most occupations on the Skilled - Sponsored List require a minimum of 7 in IELTS and 3-5 years of work experience.
For the Skilled - Regional Sponsored (a three-year provisional visa), the following occupations have been added:

Minimum IELTS requirement for the Skilled - Regional Sponsored visa is six average, and the occupations are in demand in various regions of the state.

As the NSW State Migration Plan has now been approved, this means that people sponsored by NSW for an Australia Visa in an occupation on the plan will be considered processing priority 2.

This includes a number of occupations which are now closed to new applications, but are part of the State Migration Plan. As a result, if you have been nominated in this occupation by NSW prior to the introduction of the State Migration Plan, your application should be allocated relatively quickly:

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