08 January 2010

Australia ranked second in world for quality of life

Australia has been ranked second in the world for its quality of life according to an annual index by International Living magazine.

The annual index examines nine categories: cost of living; culture and leisure; economy; environment; freedom; health; infrastructure; safety and risk; and climate. 

Australia was ranked only second, after France, in the index but the United Kingdom reached only 25th place with dismal climate, soaring crime, cost of living, congested roads and over-crowding in cities cited for the poor ranking.

The International Living magazine states that across the continent, Australians and those who've chosen to emigrate to Australia have access to an active and healthy lifestyle, and urban dwellers  find plenty of great culture and excellent food in but at a cost of living below that of some of the world's other great cities.

Australia’s economy has not fallen into recession and the Australian dollar has remained strong, which does make a visit there more expensive for tourists and travelers.

“But if you plan to stay,” the magazine states, “you'll find that few English-speaking countries with quality health care and good infrastructure will benefit as much as Australia from the economic booms in Asia and China”.

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