07 September 2010

Julia Gillard forms minority government in Australia

Those interested in applying for an Australian visa will be relieved at the news that the uncertainty concerning who will govern Australia has been resolved, as incumbent Prime Minister Julia Gillard has today succeeded in forming an agreement to establish a minority government in Australia.

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Julia Gillard today succeeded in establishing a minority Australian government.

By forming a partnership with independent candidates, Julia Gillard secured both an overall majority for the Australian Labour Party and her position as Australia's Prime Minister.

The news follows over two weeks of uncertainty after an inconclusive result from the national vote on August 21st. Following the announcement of the election, and up until a minority government is formed, the sitting administration has operated in a ‘caretaker’ capacity. No legislation that could affect an incoming administration can be passed, meaning the widely anticipated state-level skills shortage lists that form part of the State Migration Plans (SMPs) could not be signed off by the sitting immigration minister, Chris Evans.

Given the new agreement between the ALP and independent candidates sees the pre-existing government return to office, albeit with a reduced number of seats, it is hoped that SMPs will soon be announced and begin to take effect. Australian immigration featured as part of the campaigns of each major party, and it has yet to be seen how the new minority government may impact this.

Julia Gillard today declared that her minority government is “prepared to govern” although no dates for the formation of parliament have yet been announced.

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