07 February 2011

Australian tourism ready to bounce back after Cyclone Yasi

Queensland’s devastating double-whammy of natural disasters in the past month will not stop the tourism sector from rebounding, say Queensland tourism operators.

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The recent natural disasters in Queensland are detering international visitors to the state.

Tourism is set to take a big hit as the extensive international coverage of the cyclone threatens to deter tourists from booking holidays.

Last week before the cyclone hit, the Federal and State governments announced $10 million for a Tourism Queensland advertising blitz to encourage tourists to the state after the floods.

Tourism Queensland CEO Anthony Hayes says the mission now is to get the message out domestically and internationally that much of Queensland is still open for business.

"We're now working with Tourism Australia to come up with a joint marketing plan as quickly as possible so we can get out on the front foot and say 'we want to welcome as many people as we can'," he said.

As well as overseas tourists the state tourism board is looking at ways to encourage Australians to holiday in the region.

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