07 January 2009

DIAC releases new currency converter, exchange rates

The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) has released a new online currency converter to accompany it's new year exchange rate updates. Migrants can use the currency converter to find out what their DIAC charges, levied in Australian dollars, will cost in their local currency

As of January 1 2009, DIAC implemented updated exchange rates for calculating its fees from applicants who use other currencies.  The updated exchange rates are in line with the Migration Regulations Act of 1994, which states that DIAC's offshore clients must be informed which currency they are to use when paying fees to DIAC, and where their fees must be paid.

DIAC's new currency calculator is designed to make this process easier for clients to understand, and make it easier for clients to budget in their own currency.

The currency converter can be found on the DIAC website.  Fees paid by credit card are unaffected, as they are subject to the exchange rates and fees charged by the issuer.


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Article by Editorial Staff, Australian Visa Bureau.

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