06 December 2010

Australian immigration slows in October

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released the latest overseas arrivals and departures figures showing that net migration to Australia is continuing to fall steeply.

Australian Visa

Australian immigration figures for October show a slowing in net migration.

In the year to October, the number of permanent Australian Visa and long-term arrivals - people arriving (or returning) to stay for more than a year - outnumbered permanent and long-term departures by 210,420.

A year before, over the 12 months to October 2009, the annual Australian immigration total was running at 324,720.

In October, the latest figures available, there were 42,910 permanent and long-term arrivals, compared with 27,560 departures.

The difference, net arrivals, was 15,350, compared with 23,330 a year earlier.

October tends to be a low month for both arrivals and departures.

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