06 November 2007

IT contractors with Australian visas - hourly rates up 23 per cent

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Western Australia's economic boom is dramatically driving up contractor rates for IT professionals as the continuing resources bonanza leads to severe skilled worker shortages. British IT professionals applying for Australian visas will find the contracting market provides financial benefits as well as lifestyle flexibility.

Mining projects are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on software and outsourcing and a top recruitment company says demand for full-time equivalent staff has grown by nearly 20 per cent and hourly rates are up 23 per cent.

Jane Bianchini, chief operating officer of Candle, told Australian IT magazine that more and more IT professionals are switching to contracting "to secure better financial benefits and flexibility".

"The contest (among IT users) is not so much about who has the best technology solutions but who has the most effective people to ensure the technology realises its full business potential," Ms Bianchini explained.

Major government IT projects in Canberra are also driving up the market for IT workers with Australian visas in the capital. The city is now the most expensive to hire IT contractors.

Australia needs skilled IT workers: anyone interested in Australian immigration should complete the Australian Visa Bureau's online Australian visa assessment to see if they qualify for skilled migration to Australia.

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