06 August 2010

Wanted Down Under series three now showing on BBC Two

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The popular BBC Wanted Down Under television programme is being reshown every weekday over the next few weeks, giving potential migrants another chance to get a feel of life in many popular Australian cities.

Emigrate to Australia

Wanted Down Under series three is being reshown, looking at the life in Sydney and many other Australian cities for British expats.

The programme is a reality series presented by Nicki Chapman in which British families are given a look at life Down Under and a sample of how their lifestyle could change before they permanently emigrate to Australia.

While this series was initially screened last year, potential Australian migrants would still find it gives a general indication of property prices in many Australian cities, as well as the relaxed lifestyle and employment opportunities available.   The programme is also quite balanced, and doesn’t gloss over the challenges faced by a permanent move to the other side of the world.

Series three of Wanted Down Under follows British families from different walks of life sampling a week in an Australian city, as well as looking at New Zealand destinations.

The 20-episode series is being shown on BBC Two on weekdays at 2pm, with past episodes also available on BBC iPlayer. 

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