06 July 2007

Visa Bureau responds to Snoop Dogg’s Australian visa campaign

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Not content with dominating the streets of South Central Los Angeles, American ‘gangsta rap’ superstar Snoop Dogg is now determined to crack the ‘hoods’ of Sydney and gain Australian citizenship.

The flamboyant Mr Dogg (real name: Cordozar Calvin Broadus) has recently embarked on a campaign to go Down Under, following the Australian government’s refusal to allow his entry earlier this year when he was scheduled to present the Australian MTV Music Awards.

Branded as "not the sort of bloke we want in this country" by Australian Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews, the controversial figure is now launching a new campaign to live in Australia. Collaborating with MTV, Snoop Dogg has launched a series of videos depicting his attempts to endear himself to the Oz public and win Australian citizenship.

Snoop’s efforts include touring some of the country’s beaches, throwing a shrimp on the barbie (with bikini-clad entourage in tow) and even looking at purchasing a new ‘Dogg house’ in one of Sydney’s luxury residential areas.

However, while Snoop’s attempts to migrate to Australia might be in fun, what would be his best route were he serious about making the switch to one of the world’s most desirable emigration destinations? The Australian Visa Bureau’s spokesperson, Tom W. Blackett comments:

"Obviously, when the Australian embassy has decided you’re not coming over, gaining an Australian visa could prove to be an uphill struggle. However, were Snoop serious about gaining citizenship, he’d still have a number of options to pursue.

"Successful skilled migration often depends on the individual’s own skill set meeting the MODL (Migration Occupations in Demand List), with occupations as varied as chefs, electricians, accountants and plumbers featuring on the list.

"The rapper’s abilities to ‘drop mad rhymes’ are indisputable, but unfortunately, the government has yet to add the profession of ‘big pimpin’ lyrical genius’ to the MODL.

"We’d also recommend that Snoop be mindful of the skilled migration reforms set to take effect from September 1st. One of the biggest changes coming is the new emphasis on the English language capabilities of migrants, with a new set of points allotted for anyone willing to prove their proficiency by taking an IELTS (International English Language Testing System) test.

"However, the test might prove a little unforgiving to Snoop’s unique speech pattern (or as the man himself might put it, "unizzle spizzle pizzle")."

The saga of Snoop Dogg’s quest for Australian acceptance continues, but anyone keen to find out if they might be a little more successful in a bid for Australian migration should begin by taking the Australian Visa Bureau’s online assessment to see if they meet the basic legislative requirements.

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