06 March 2008

Half of Sydney businesses looking to Australian immigration

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Nearly half of businesses in Sydney are looking to Australian immigration in order to fill job vacancies, according to a new survey. Research from the Sydney Chamber of Commerce has also revealed that a shortage in skilled workers is causing concern for around three quarters of the companies which were surveyed.

Patricia Forsythe, executive director of the Sydney Chamber of Commerce, told ABC Online: "For companies wanting to grow with a strategy of expansion, having to face issues of skills shortages is an issue of real concern because clearly it impacts on their strategies of going forward." She added that she thinks this is one of the "critical issues" for "all levels of government". Skilled workers who are considering Australian immigration may find their job is listed on the Australia Migration Occupation n Demand list (MODL).

It appears it is not just the big cities in Australia which are suffering from skills shortages. Local newspaper Donnybrook-Bridgetown Mail recently reported that the skills shortage is also affecting all rural areas in Western Australia.

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