05 December 2012

Western Australia and Qatar Airways target UK tourists

Qatar Airways have struck a deal with Tourism Western Australia to promote a major new marketing campaign aimed at attracting British tourists to the country's largest state.

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Tourism Western Australia and Qatar Airways are aiming to attract more UK tourists.

While the national Tourism Australia agency joins the likes of the US and New Zealand in trying to attract more Chinese visitors, Western Australia has set their sights on British tourists with new daily flights from the UK to Perth.

Qatar Airways' new service commenced this month, running daily flights from Manchester and Heathrow to Perth via Doha in one of the quickest flights available - just over 19 hours.

The new scheme aims to further Tourism Western Australia's current campaign of 'Experience Extraordinary', promoting the activities on offer only in WA such as swimming with whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef and exploring one of the fastest growing and most cosmopolitan cities in Australia, Perth, which also enjoys more hours of sunshine than any other Australian capital.

"This partnership is such a good fit and comes at the perfect time," said Christie Lord, UK regional manager at Tourism Western Australia.

"In a competitive environment, the campaign will raise awareness of our extraordinary experiences, both in Perth and throughout the state, and help us achieve our aim of increasing Western Australia's share of visitors to Australia, which currently accounts for 24% of all UK arrivals in Australia."

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