05 October 2007

Severe shortage of skilled scientists in Australia

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Australia's science research and industry labs are struggling to fill job vacancies with qualified scientists, reports the Australian newspaper. From agriculture to pharmaceuticals there are opportunities for scientists with an Australian visa.

With declining numbers of Australian science graduates coming out of universities, recruiters say the situation is reaching crisis point.

Anne Sabine, director of recruitment agency Kelly Scientific Resources, says: "There is a shortage of skilled scientists, especially within chemistry - and we especially see this in the plastics industry and in pharmaceuticals. We can find it difficult to fill positions even for low-level lab technicians -- especially those jobs that require six months' industry experience."

Mick Hay, of specialist agribusiness recruiter Rimfire Resources, said: "Finding good science graduates is tough. The overall number coming through the system is inadequate, from my perspective." Hay says the skills shortage is threatening to damage Australia's leading-edge standing for crop growth and development innovation.

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