05 August 2010

Greens release Australian Visa plan for Pacific climate refugees

An Australian political party is calling for a new Australian Visa category for climate-change refuges from the Pacific region.

The Australian Greens has released a policy on a new Australian Visa for the Pacific in the lead up to the Australian general election, saying Australia needs to do more for its neighbours.

Spokeswoman Sarah Hanson-Young, says Australia should do more on climate change especially if it forces Pacific communities to leave their land.

"The Greens are suggesting that we do need a category, a new visa category and that we need to start planning for that in our migration intake."

She said that "if we don't start talking about it now, in 20, 30 years, people are going to wonder why we ignored it."

The Greens policy also calls for the aid budget to be increased to point-seven of one per cent of national income.

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