05 May 2009

Will a temporary Australian visa holder beat locals for Best Job in the World tomorrow?

The winner of the coveted Best Job in the World position is to be announced tomorrow afternoon, Wednesday 6 May, and with 15 countries represented by the final 16 candidates, it is highly likely that an Australian visa holder will score the job over a local Australian.

The job is being advertised by Tourism Queensland, and the lucky winner will get the chance to live in the idyllic surrounds of the Great Barrier Reef, earn $150,000 for six months' work, and periodically blog their experiences on the island to the world.

After culling tens of thousands of video applications down to 16 people, the final group are being wined and dined after having a day snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef.  The judges have not yet intimated who the favourite is, but it is more than likely that the finalist would need to apply for an Australian working holiday visa or another temporary working Australian visa.

The Australian working holiday visa would allow the winner to work for Tourism Queensland for up to six months, which is conveniently the length of the contracted period for the job, and then continue to travel Australia and work for other employers for the following six month period of their visa.  The Australian working holiday visa is easy to obtain if your country is part of the working holiday program and you have no health or character issues.

Besides the Australian working holiday visa, other temporary working visas are available, including sponsored work visas that allow employers to sponsor overseas workers to work in Australia on a temporary basis.

Anthony Hayes, Tourism QLD CEO said that the competition was off to a great start and that their intense itinerary and movements were being closely monitored by the media and panel of judges.

"The dive experience was a first for many of our candidates and a great opportunity to see one of the world’s most impressive natural wonders," he said.

"Their reef trip was then followed by a sumptuous Queensland lunch prepared by the world renowned chefs on Hayman Island.

"The candidates were able to taste a selection of Queensland delicacies which were prepared for each of them in their native cuisine style."

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