05 May 2009

Permanent Australian visa granted to Buddhaholy

A permanent Australian visa has been granted to Buddhaholy Sui after months of deliberation. The teenager has been fighting for the right to remain in Australia on a permanent Australian visa and has finally had his case decided by the Immigration Minister Senator Chris Evans.

While the boy was born in Australia, his rights to a permanent Australian visa were complicated by being a citizen of Canada and living under the care of a Buddhist community with his legal guardian in Tasmania. 

Senator Evans has said his approval of the permanent Australian visa for Buddhaholy is reflective of the Australian government's responsibility to consider the rights and future of the child.

"Buddhaholy is a minor and in making my decision I have considered what is in his best interests," Senator Evans said.

"He has resided in Australia for most of his life and has significant ties to the Tasmanian community and the Buddhist community in particular.

"He has the support of his legal guardian, his school and the local community and has expressed a desire to remain in Australia and finish his schooling.  Buddhaholy’s parents are currently unable to care for him so I believe it is in his best interests to remain with his legal guardian who can provide the appropriate care and a stable home for him."

The granting of the permanent Australian visa for Buddhaholy was celebrated by the Buddhist community at the annual Bathing Buddha Holy ceremony on Sunday.

Federal Member for Denison, Duncan Kerr, also welcomed the decision made by the Australian Immigration Minister.

"I am delighted for the Tasmanian Buddhist community that one of their youngest members, Buddhaholy, has gained permanent residency," Mr Kerr said.

"This is a decision in the interests of the child, but also one that the entire Tasmanian community will celebrate."

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