05 May 2009

Location, Location, Location emigrating to Australia

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Channel 4's Phil Spencer will be emigrating to Australia as part of a new angle taken by his TV show, Location, Location, Location.

The four-part series will document the process for emigrating to Australia for himself and his family, including his wife and two young sons.  The program will not only document the process for emigrating to Australia for Phil Spencer, but will focus on him helping others with emigrating to Australia. 

The new show will be called Phil Down Under and is intended to go live in 2010.

While his new show that helped wealthy people find property in the UK recently went bust because of the economic conditions, Spencer is banking on the fact that this new series would prove resilient to the recession because the Australian housing industry is comparatively stable.

According to the Daily Telegraph, a source from Channel 4 said the series will put into perspective the reality of emigrating to Australia and hopefully make the path much clearer for those thousands of Brits who continually move to Australia every year.

"This show will put his passion for property and Oz together. We'll also see him search for his own place as he tries to find the reality of living in Australia, rather than just going there on holiday."

While the Australian government has recently tried to put the brakes on Australian immigration levels and refocus it so that it better fills skills gaps rather than add to unemployment levels during the recession, the yearly quota is still at phenomenal levels and British residents are flowing to Australia in their thousands. 

As it stands, until the Budget release in July, the annual quota for skilled migration to Australia is sitting at 115,000 places, with the Australian Business Visa program being the only Australian skills stream to be capped by the government.

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