04 October 2007

Australian immigration on the menu

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Australia's restaurants and catering firms are suffering extreme staff shortages, according to Restaurant & Catering Australia (RCA). Britons interested in Australian immigration or young people considering an Australian working holiday should find many opportunities.

The association, which represents the country's 37,700 restauranteurs and caterers, says there are skills shortages in many occupations, including cooks, chefs, managers and waiting staff.

RCA is supporting parliamentary opposition leader Kevin Rudd's pledge to create a Skills Australia organisation to address labour shortages. With a general election expected in November of December this year, the skills shortage and Australian immigration are at the top of the agenda.

"Skills Australia provides some real hope that a Rudd government has a commitment to understanding the skills and labour shortage that we face in this country," said RCA president Con Castrisos.

John Hart, RCA chief executive, agreed: "In an industry where every restaurant could take on another staff member at any point in time the labour and skills shortage is biting very hard. Skills Australia is an important acknowledgement that the people shortage is a real issue for Australia."

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