04 August 2008

Australian people think detention laws are 'not tough enough'

The Australian people have not deemed the government's new deportation laws a success, after the majority said they were not tough enough in the first place. According to a survey by Essential Media, only 24 per cent of the country's inhabitants thought the previous rules on immigration were too tough, LiveNews reports.

Senator Chris Evans, the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, recently announced changes to the immigration detention system, stating it will now only be used as a last resort. He added that when used it will be for as short space of time as possible.

The new scheme will see a detainee's case having to be fully justified if they are put into detention, with these reasons being assessed every three months. On the wider issue of immigration, the news organisation reported the survey revealed over half of the respondents think the higher level of immigration allowed into the country is too big.

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