03 July 2008

Sydney in top ten cities for Australian visa holders to live in

Those looking for an Australian visa may be interested to know that Sydney has been voted in the top ten of the most liveable cities in the world. According to Government News, the city has been ranked at number ten in the Worldwide Quality of Living Index from Mercer.

Sydney was not the only city Australian visa holders should consider settling in, with the country's other areas also performing well. Melbourne was ranked at 17, Perth came in at 21 and Adelaide was deemed to be the 29th most liveable city.

Rob Knox, a spokesperson for Mercer, told the website: "The fact that Australian cities enjoy among the best standards of living in the world reinforces the attractiveness of Australia for workers and for multi-national organisations."

The list evaluates the cities on a number of criteria, including political, economical, personal safety and educational aspects. Sydney's score came to 106.3, well above the average rate of 90, backing up the city’s reputation for having a high standard of living. It has recently been predicted that the city is set to grow by one million people in the next 13 years.

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