03 June 2009

Move to Australia and avoid the recession

Australia may have bucked the global trend and avoided a recession in the first quarter, making it attractive to those wishing to emigrate to Australia or take up an Australian working holiday visa.

The good news for the Australian economy was delivered by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, although he warned, “we're not out of the woods yet”.

Australia gross domestic product grew 0.4 per cent in the March quarter, bouncing back from a 0.6 per cent drop in the last quarter of 2008. 

In comparison, the UK economy shrank 1.9 per cent in the first three months of this year, the biggest contraction in three decades and a clear incentive for UK residents keen to emigrate to Australia to start making the move now.

To stimulate growth the Australian Federal Government has put about $52 billion into the economy. The Reserve Bank has also more than halved the official rate since September to ease pressures on households and give them more spending abilities.

The jobless rate in Australia also stands at 5.4 per cent, while the unemployment rate in the UK rose to 7.1 per cent - up 0.8 per cent over the quarter.

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